smart online advertising


Online Banner Advertising
That Hits The Target

Imagine the advertising…

..that is always on the right content
..that is 100% brand safety
..that make your banners and videos stand out

That’s what Osuvax® is all about.


Advanced time factors

Not ordinary. We settle only for  Exceptional!

Advanced time factors to deliver your advertising at the right time.

Out of the box thinking

Our targeting is so much more than just the ordinary content targeting. We deliver with thought.

Tone of the content

Not just keywords.
Our AI knows the tone of the content and that is why your ads are never in the wrong place.

In the right context

When content is not enough! The context is everything. Our Artificial Intelligence recognizes the right context for your advertising.

Our clients

About us

We are a group of entrepreneurs and marketing experts who got dead tired of mistargeted online advertising + our CTO who is the brains behind the technology.


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Our mission

ADSemantic has a bold mission to be #1 partner when you want to deliver your online advertising to the right audience.

Our out of the box thinking has led us to a solution where we combine Artificial Intelligence and world-class semantic model to deliver ads that are not only in the right content but also 100% brand safety.

Our offer

  • Advertising that is less irritating
  • 100% brand safety
  • Best CTR on the market
  • Cost effective

We'll Convert Your Online Advertising into Results

Whether speaking of banner or video advertising is ADSemantic the right choice.


Our TRGZ® online advertising solution takes your advertising to a next level. Our proof of concept on video advertising has been tested once and again to be the best solution when you want to run your campaigns with unbeatable CTR and ROI. Now we bring the same technology to a banner advertising to meet the needs of the market.

Digital Solutions
To Boost your Success

ADSemantic and TRGZ® is the new era of online advertising. We bring you new models to reach the target audience at the right time in the right context. Contact now and make your campaign to stand out in a way that your comptetitors can only envy! 

ADSemantic is leading the way how online marketing should be done. OSUVAX is the leading banner advertising targeting system on the market with unbeatable CTR. TRGZ does the same in video advertising. 

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