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Blockchainforum is your advertising platfrom, when you want to reach the audience that are interested on blockchain technology, hi-tech, computing and IOT.

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FormatSize pxSize kbType
Medium Rectangle300×250200png, jpg, gif
Wide Skyscrape160×600200png, jpg, gif
Leaderboard728×90200png, jpg, gif
Prices on site:  
One week 500 €
One month 1,700 €
Prices excl. vat. – Vat 24% will be added where applicable.

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Banner creation & payment terms

Banner creation / 3 banner size/set
Static (.png /.jpg) 180.00€  (3 revision)
Animated (.gif) 260.00€  (3 revision)
Payment terms
All campaigns are invoiced in advance and to be paid 7 days prior to start of the campaign.

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Is your marketing local or global, makes no difference when marketing with ADSemantic. Our semantic targeting does the trick on any scale.

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With ADSemantic you do not need to worry about banner creation, capaign distribution, targeting or brand safety. It´s all been taken care of - by us!

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