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Innovative Online Advertising

ADSemantic provides targeted online advertising in a innovative and effective way. With us you gain a wide exposure to your campaign where ever in the world you want to advertise at.  Your adverts are shown at a right content reaching the right audience without annoying them.Our innovative targeting technology is designed to work alike in all campaigns, regardless of industry, campaign size, language of the region, or destination country.

With our solution you can execute any form of campaign effectively regardless of the market. Our platform deliver your campaign to right audience and it does not matter whether the campaign is related to product sales, customer acquisition or brand marketing. It works for all.

This is how we do it!

Creating targeted online advertising has never been so easy and effective. By choosing ADSemantic to be your partner on online advertising you save a great deal of time and effort. With us, you do not think about target audiences or ad networks. In fact, thinking about them is futile. Just let the artificial intelligence technology do the work for you. With ADSemantic you get your adverts to appear at the right content on the right time, reaching the right people.

Be ahead of you competitors!

We target your advertising by using unique and innovative technology that is based on content targeting. Our Artificial Intelligence Technology includes three parts: keywords, deep content analysis and semantic data analysis. We can proudly say that our technology is the most advanced in the world of semantic analysis of online advertising.

Be seen on the right content!

Online advertising using content targeting technology is an effective way to spread the message and reach just the right people from the mass who are interested of your message. With us you will not only be at the right content on the right time but you also ensure your brand safety. Through our platform you have access to multiple advertising networks from where we can find all the pages that connect with your adverts and the message. All this is done efficiently and optimizing the targeting based on real-time reactions.

Your Crew!

ADSemantic is a privately owned Finnish company that generates online advertising solutions globally. Our values include renewal, innovation, honesty and openness. Our goal is to provide our customers the opportunity to advertise on a large scale and to make online advertising easy again.
We believe that by constantly renewing and challenging the traditional way of doing things, we can maximize the benefits to our customers. The vision of the future is to be one of the most desired targeted online advertising providers globally.


Pauli Takalo-Eskola KAM SMB

Pauli Takalo-Eskola

Tel: +358(0)45 147 9970

Heidi Rantanen CSO - Founding partner

Heidi Rantanen

Tel: +358(0)40 577 5284

Niklas Söderström KAM Nordic

Niklas Söderström

Tel: +358(0)45 122 3925

Vili Lilja COO - Founding partner

Vili Lilja

Tel: +358(0)45 147 5678

Juha Räty CEO - Founder

Juha Räty

Tel: +358(0)44 500 5004

ADSemantic on verkkomainonnan semanttisen kohdennuksen edelläkävijä. Teemme mainoskampanjat niin kotimaassa kuin ulkomailla. 

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