When  you want to reach the right audience and engage them to your services ADSemantic is the right choice to distribute your campaigns online. 


ADvertising as a service

Day by day videos gain more popularity as advertising format in online advertising.

With spoods we we enrich the content with your videos.


Advertising as a service is the latest model of video advertising. 


We deliver spoods video advertising  that has been tested time and a time again with some of the worlds largest companies  to be the best choice when you want to reach the right audience at the right time. 

Spoods - from search to meet

Spoods is determined to expand the traditional online advertising approach – from search to meet. 

The user will no longer be forced to spend most of his precious time searching for videos of relevance and interest but brands & institutions will offer their videos in the context where the user is looking for information anyway – within the articles he is reading on his preferred online platforms. 

Spoods is dedicated placing relevant video content where it has the highest user acceptance – within the fitting article – in a non-obtrusive format – to enrich the written content!


Our targeting is an Instant-Interest-Based-Targeting which is using our proprietary key-word technology.

Keyword targeting


Our AI weight the chosen key-words depending on the campaign and the advertiser’s priorities and goals.

Content analysis

Content Analysis + AI

All the articles on publishers websites are scanned and matched to the chosen keywords in milliseconds using machine learning.

Article Targeting

We implement the matching campaign into the article at the perfect moment to catch the users interest. 



Traffic & Lead Generation

  • Highest quality of users caused by the conscious decision out of 6 service deeplinks

  • High quality of traffic reflected by:
  • Low bounce rates
  • High dwell time
  • High number of advertisers website integrations
  • High level of conversios


  • Keyvisual in viewing area
  • Video view on Demand



Your readers will appreciate our non-disturbing ad-format:

  • No autoplay
  • Matching the content


  • Out widget's high performance guarantees a high ECPM
  • As a result of our instant-interest-based-targeting, our ad-format is interesting for big publishers just the same as it is for small blogs
ADSemantic is your choose, when you want to enrich the content your customers consume on web!

Our AI is leading the way how online marketing should be done. TRGZ® is the leading banner advertising targeting system on the market with unbeatable CTR and Spoods does the same on video advertising.

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